International Dance Festival

8-14 october

Edition #9


International Dance Festival

7-13     october

Edition #10

Hearsay audio Arts festival visits TDP’18

When two festivals meet: TDP’ and Hearsay festival start an innovative exchange to bridge the worlds of dance and creative audio and impulse local festivals.


HearSay carves out a unique space for creative audio (radio features, film sound, sound art, theatre sound, new music, audio fiction) practitioners and artists to meet, exchange ideas and collaborate so as to create new artistic possibilities for local and international artists and audiences. The last HearSay Festival attracted participants from 30 countries to nearly 100 events in 19 Venues as the worlds finest audio makers took over the mountain village of Kilfinane.

Next HearSay International Audio Arts Festival: Kilfinane, April 4th-7th 2019

Hearsay visits TDP’18 is presented with the support of the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland in conjunction with the HearSay International Audio Arts Festival

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